Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being in total control of your financial future

When your finances are out of control it can be stressful and can definitely have an impact on other areas of your life. Similarly, when your finances are in order but your goals are not being met, it can have the same effect.

Let’s secure your future today

We are a full service financial planning firm based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia that services the CBD, North Brisbane, Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Southise, Woolloongabba, Coorparoo and beyond.
Our passionate team of planners and advisors provide tailored strategies to individuals and organisations.
Our mission is to secure your future today.

Debt Reduction

When it comes to home loans, investment loans, or eliminating personal debt, you will be surprised at what a financial planner can do for you!

Financial Growth

Getting ahead financially means different things to different people. Share your story with us, and we can help you get there, no matter where you are in QLD!

Financial Protection & Insurance

It is always important to protect what you have before building more. We have ideas to help QLD residents!

Retirement Planning

It is never too early to start and it is never too late to do something - but the longer you leave it, the less impact your plan will have.

Donna Wright

Darren has just helped me buy my own home.  I firmly believe that I would have been renting forever if I had been in the hands of a bank or a typical mortgage broker.

Jan Siman

I have been a client of Darren Titmus for several years now.  As my financial adviser, he has been a wonderful support for me.

Join Our Vision

Our vision is to secure the future of residents all over Woolloongabba, Coorparoo, Brisbane North and QLD to help them achieve a level of financial security they never thought possible!

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