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Working with us

Our approach with every client is a simple conversation. We want to know what’s important to you and what you want to achieve. Our purpose is to provide advice that suits you and to eliminate the risk of you making rushed and/or ill-informed decisions. To this end we have a pretty simple 5 step process.

  1. Initial Chat
  2. Strategy Meeting
  3. Financial Plan
  4. Implementation
  5. Review

Initial Chat

This is where we get to decide if we like each other or not. If we do, then there is a better than average chance that we can work together. If not, then we can happily go our separate ways. It is a two way conversation without any financial jargon/lingo/ or rotten acronyms. There are no forms or questionnaires for you to fill out, and no arduous information gathering before seeing us. Over the years our clients have found this approach to be most valuable and relaxing.

At the end of our chat – which may take 45 minutes to an hour – we will decide if we wish to see each other again. Guess it’s a bit like dating!

This chat costs you nothing!

Strategy Meeting

This is where the fun begins!

Based on the things we learned about you in our little chat – your circumstances, goals, what you want, what’s important etc – we will have prepared for you a couple of ideas around strategies that would work.

The reason we have this meeting is because there is no point putting together a financial plan that you are not absolutely comfortable with. So, this time together allows us to talk through all the issues, any concerns you have, the financial benefits available to you, what it will cost you – as well as anything else you wish to talk about.

At the end of this meeting you will know what you can do, how you will be better off financially, and what it is going to cost you to do it. This means that once again we can decide if we want to see each other again or not. If not, then that is ok, we can part as friends and your time with us has cost you nothing.

If we do want to see each other again then we move to the next step and put together a real financial plan for you. To do this, we will offer you a Terms of Engagement that identifies the advice we will be providing and the fees payable. Once the Terms of Engagement is signed, your fee will be payable at an agreed date, and we can proceed to the next step.

Financial Plan

Now, based on our conversations in our last meeting, we will put together a complete financial plan for you. This will cover anything and everything that you will ever need to refer to – including discussions on:

  • Where you are now
  • Your tolerance for risk
  • What you want to achieve
  • Your strategy in detail
  • Product recommendations
  • Investment manager recommendations
  • Asset allocation
  • Consequences for any changes to products
  • Outcomes of our recommendations
  • Alternative Strategies that we considered and the reasons we discounted them
  • Any associated costs – both direct and indirect
  • And, as they say in the classics, much much more!

At this meeting we will discuss your financial plan to whatever detail you wish and always in plain English!

Now, as usual, we get to decide if we still like each other and wish to continue with our relationship. We can part as friends and you can take your financial plan with you (once the agreed fee is paid) or we can stay together. If we stay together then we implement your financial plan for you at no further cost.


At this point there is still a fair bit of work to do. A great plan is useless if it is poorly executed!

We implement each facet of your financial plan in the order that it needs to be done. We will keep you informed along the way so that you know where everything is at.


Reviews are important – especially as your circumstances and needs change. Reviews will help your strategy keep pace with the things that change in your life as well as market and economic changes. Beyond this, we all have seen many times in recent years the amount of legislative, regulatory and Centrelink changes that can happen. These changes can have vast impacts on your financial situation. Reviews are designed to keep your financial plan relevant to you and to the times and keep pace with (or respond to) all of these changes.

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